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Stories: A Chat with Life Coach Pol Klein

A Chat with Pol Klein In this episode of Stories, I have a chat with new ASD Life Coach Pol Klein. I talk to about how he got into coaching. I ask him questions like where does he see the world in 5 years from now to what his favorite subject was in school.  Also in this episode at the very end I try something new, I do a word association with him and see what words pop into his…

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Personal Stories


Reid in England

Hello Everyone. I know I touched on this, in the about me section. But I didn’t discuss the troubles I had during my times when I volunteered. The problems is not many companies these days wanted to spend money in training their companies in how to deal with employees with disabilities, well because of that reason I was a casualty of the system. Every where I volunteered, it was the same story in life. No one wants to deal with…

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In the world of employment, this is one of the hardest things to do. The question always arises “What do I do, if I don’t have enough experience?” Companies will always look at your resume and say to you, you don’t have enough experience, and you always think to yourself “How do you expect me to get the experience if you wont hire me” This has plagued many people who aren’t even on the spectrum. The answer isn’t a simple…

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Asperger’s is a word that has a strong astigmatism. Now a days its referred to as ASD. But there are those who feel strongly against the word Aspergers or Aspie, just cause of the person who the term came from. The history of the word came from a man by the name of Hans Asperger, who was said to help the Nazis. There are those that would say, how can you choose to use the name Asperger’s if the man…

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Personal Stories


When people look at me, and see that I spend hours in front of my computer, playing a game or tinkering. This is not because I am anti-social. Video games is whats keeps me sane, and it’s not just me it is the majority of those on the spectrum. Now you may be asking “How can playing video games keep you sane?” The simple answer is escapism. It’s our escape from reality. It’s a world where we have complete control…

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Ireland Personal


I have talked a little about my adventures in Ireland. But I didn’t talk about the most beautiful time I had doing a bike tour around the Arran Islands.  Now there are certian things you need to remember. 1)have not, riden a bike in years, 2)I had no clue on when I should shift between gears and 3) I was way out shape despite walking all over campus back at school.. Now to give you a idea of how out…

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Life Lessons Personal


How do you look at your situation? There are those of us who look at it as a blessing to a answer. This is because we wanted to know why were different then the rest of the population. Having (ASD) or Asperger’s as it was originally called meant we were different from the rest of the world. As we look around we notice that others are doing things at a faster pace then we are doing it. But why? This…

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Germany Life Lessons Personal Stories


I know I talked about my trip and how I handled things. But there is a time I was under a bit of stress and i felt my anxiety kick but I managed it well. I usually know when I am get stressed during a situation, I usually start to sweat and my voice trembles a bit. I became aware of the situation, I think to myself “Calm down, and relax”. It was about 5pm and I was leaving Berlin…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories


I know there are a lof of you out there who are afraid to travel. But if you become a slave to your disability you will never see the world the way it is intend to be seen. I know the thought of traveling scares a lot of you. The fear of being around people, unaware of your own surroundings, being in a new place, with different people. But you only live once. This is the reason I went away…

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