Asperger’s is a word that has a strong astigmatism. Now a days its referred to as ASD. But there are those who feel strongly against the word Aspergers or Aspie, just cause of the person who the term came from.

The history of the word came from a man by the name of Hans Asperger, who was said to help the Nazis. There are those that would say, how can you choose to use the name Asperger’s if the man that pioneered the term helped Nazis kill thousands of children with who he labeled disabled. But many seem to forget that he saved many children as deeming them intelligent, yet he also sent children to their deaths.

My feelings on this our, how do you go about judging someone who saved many, and killed thousands.

That’s why we know have a new term (AS) Asperger Syndrome which was coined by L. Wing. Than later the APA deleted (AS) Asperger Syndrome for (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder this was done in 2013.

Now people have asked me how do I feel about this whole thing, being Jewish and all. My view is this. The term Asperger’s was coined way back in history. Yes he was a horrible person, but yet did save children as well. But the point is, that was history. Autism is a much wider spectrum with a high end and low end and now it’s called ASD.

My view is this, what’s past is past. Let be in the past. I was talking with a friend and she has said that it’s just a name and made a joke saying, She rather be called a purple elephant. She said it’s just a name, but it still is Autism/Asperger’s. People want to call it what they want, it still doesn’t change the symptoms.

A little story

Growing up, I didn’t know why I was different. I acted differently but that didn’t change who I was. When I was younger my folks knew I was different and had problems with certain things like reading and math. So at the time I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and AD/HD and a Learning Disability. It wasn’t till much later in life did we find out what I had.

I knew nothing about the who coined the term or what he had done. Even now, that I know what he had done, I still stand by the name Aspergers or Aspie, because it defines what I have and why I act the way I do.

So in short, it’s just a word that defines who we are as a whole, regardless who coined it.

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