Is ABA right for my child?

Is ABA right for my Child In this episode, I talk with Melissa Schiefelbein who is a board certified Behavior Analyst.  We talk about why she deiced to become a behavior analyst working with ABA.  She talks about how she quit her job to help her son, who is on the spectrum and started out as non-verbal and now he is talking and doing great in school. We talk about why people are so fearful of ABA and what can…

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Being Female and Autistic

Being Female and Autistic In this episode of Inside the Asperers Studio, I talk with Raquel we learn that Switzerland is very segregrated and we talk about her life dealing with Autism and why she moved to Switzerland and dealing with segregartion when it comes to school and son.  She talk about the first time she heard what ableism is how the school system is not letting her home school her son. She talks about moving back to Mexico to…

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ASD Transition Coaching with Beth Felsen

Transition Life Coaching with Beth Felsen Welcome to a new episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. In this episode I talk with Beth Felsen, who is a ASD Transition Coach who helps those with ASD transition to Adulthood or even finding work to transitioning to college. In the beginning we talk about her and how get into coaching and says it was her daughter, because he daughter is on the spectrum.  Than we get into her work and the differnet…

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Stories: So you want to do a podcast!!

Podcast Movement and Podcasting with Jared Easly If you ever wanted to get into Podcasting or you are a Podcaster this is the interview to listen to.. Hello and welcome Podcast Edition of Stories. In this edition of Stories I talk with Jeard Easly Co-Creator of Podcast Movement and Podcast Movement Evolution. In this special episode we find all about Jeard Easly about his podcast, why he he and his partner started Podcast Movement. We find out about what his…

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Dr Temple Grandin

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Dr. Temple Grandin about her life and about Autism. She talks about her books and the differnet mind sets there are. We discuss where society has failed us as Autistics and much more. …

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ASD Life Coach Jackie Coursey

Jackie Coursey

Sacred Space Coaching with Jackie Coursey Interviewed by Patty Laushman ASD Life Coach Welcome to season 4! In this episode, I have a new co-host, Patty Laushman of Thrive Autism Coaching. Together we interview Jackie Coursey, an autism life coach with Sacred Space Coaching, about the struggles she sees young adults experiencing, particularly with going away to college. We explore how Jackie got into the coaching profession and how she continuously trains and upgrades her skills. Jackie and Patty also…

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The Undetected Narcissist

The Undetected Narcissist In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio I talk with Angela Myer author of The Undetected Narcissist and podcast by the same name. This is a very deep episode because we talk about her son and what she had to do to get him all the support she needed for him no thanks to her ex.  She talks about all things that she had to finally convice thearpist and judges and you name it, that were…

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Autism and Relationships

Autism and Relationships Hello. Have you ever been stuck in a toxic relationship and not know it. Would you like know what the red flags are to look for, before you get into a relationship.  Have you also wondered if those of us should stick to dating those on the spectrum or should we try dating those that are NT. Lara has first hand experience dealing with a toxic relationship and shares her views on everything. This is an important…

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Where School Systems Dropped the Ball on Neurodiversity & More

Dr. Kristen Ecclecston

Where School Systems Dropped the Ball with Neurodivergant Children   Hello and Welcome to the 12 episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. In this Episode I talk to Dr. Kristen Eccleston on Neurodiversity and Education. In this very important episode we learn where the school systems have dropped the ball and how we can fix this in years to come.  We talk about how mixed learning can be either be good or bad for those of us who are neurodiverse…

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Stories: Role Reversal

Reid in England

Role Reversal with Patty Hello and welcome to one of the more interesting shows. In this was an emotional episode. My good friend Patty will ask me the questions, and it gets very emotional. I talk about how my life coach has been a huge inspiration to me along with my family. The reason I get emotional is becasue not many people besides my family have said this me.  You learn that not only do I have ASD but I…

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