Are you someone who has either ASD or ADHD who has a great story to share. Do you have someone in  your life who has either and you want to share you story about how you deal with them

Are  you someone who would like collab with me on either my Youtube or my Podcast. To let world know your story.

If you’re looking for honest, thought-provoking Stories about ASD and ADHD you’ve come to the right place.


Writing is the way I process the world.

I’ve always felt like a storyteller, but it takes time to learn what your words have to offer.  I’ve used this website as a space to smooth out the kinks until I reached a place of realization.

Now, I can confidently explain exactly why my work has value.

I focus on honesty. I write from the heart and experience being on the spectrum and having ADHD. 

I focus on meaning.  By sharing you story with me, and the world, I am giving you a voice to let the world know your story.

I focus on the harder parts of life. Grief, loss,  awkwardness, and difficulties with mental health are all elements I’ve had to battle with in life, but choosing to openly discuss them online invites others to share their experiences.

I focus on connection and community. By letting share you story with me, and the world, I am able to address the most pertinent of issues: that despite our collective struggles, we all have the strength within us to enjoy life to the fullest.

In essence, this website is a story blog – but it’s so much more than that.

Aspergers Studio is more than a place where I share my stories of travel and give advice, it’s a place where I open up about my struggles to let those out there know, that they are now alone.  I want my site to be a beacon of hope, a light at the end of their dark tunnel to let them know that hey I am here to be your guiding light.

So I hope you join me and share you stories with the world.

So if you want work with me and share your story and have a good time them just drop me a email at Reid@AspergersStudio.com