Back to England

Stafford-upon-Avon, Folkestone, Canterbury

Coming back to the UK was bitter sweet. This was because I was getting tired of going place to place. But I wanted to see more of the England. I wanted to go Shakespeare home and catch a play at the Royal Shakespeare theater.


This was one of the more relaxing trips visits. I was exhausted from hopping from country to country and I wanted to just relax and unwind.

I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast called Twelfth Night. It was a lovely place ran by a husband and wife. They were right in town and only a 5 minute walk to the downtown area where the High Street was which is where all the shops are and the road leads right down to the Royal Shakespeare Theater.

There were farmers markets in town for a few nights, and a guy selling backed potatoes with different toppings, they even had a butterfly museum and the grounds where beautiful.

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Folkestone, was more just to visit with a friend of mine who graduated before me. Folkestone was a seaside town. It was pretty and I stayed in a resort. But what are the odds there was a beauty pageant going on.

I met my friend and we went out this Chinese restaurant then we went to a hotel bar and had drinks and just chatted. It was good seeing a friendly face after all my travels.. The next day I explored the town a little. The next day, I met up with her a boyfriend and we went out to a Chinese buffet for lunch and than walk over by the pier. There were some beautiful views, like the one below.

Than we walked around some more and she pointed out some of the statues that kinda were weird and freaked her out.

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