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Carl Parker

Inner City

He also has a book out on Amazon… Go check it out…

He also has a book on Amazon its called Carl Parker: A Life In Paint: How One Adult With Asperger’s Found His Place in the World Through Art

Carl has a new book out on Amazon.

Give him some praise and check his book out as well.

Sarah Duchesne De Chevigny

Go check her out as well give her some praise. She also does French Rap Go Check it out…

Mistaya Wilks

Go check out this talented women out. Let her know what you think of her out..

Adam Bray

He is a digital artist and one amazing person.. Go give a look at his page.

or check out his business at Adam Brey Freelance Graphic Designer

Asperger Art

She is a Asperger artist informing about autism through her art, showing that an asperger can be really cool. All at the age of 29.

Okapi Stripes Art (Anne McGarvey)

Say hello to Ann. She is another amazing artist that has come to join the many artist here at Aspergers Zone.. Go to her page and give her some amazing feedback tell her you got to her from here.

Jim Woo

Jim is 31 years old born in Worcestershire, England. He is drawn to art because it’s good escapism from reality, especially when he is anxious, almost like a stim.

Sarah McBride

She just turned 30, and have been diagnosed with autism since I was 13. I was neglected by my parents, who still don’t understand autism, but I have found a release in artwork, both paintings and digital. I do custom paintings for people, and I use the Pigment app as well. I have a partner who is amazingly supportive and helps me vent and stim in positive ways. He is a godsend really. I have 3 cats and a service dog named Toby (cats are Zanzibar, Willow and Pandora). I have a full time job that helps me manage my autism as well.