The process 

The story how I cam about the organization that helped me pick out the school was all just by luck. I just happened to go to the vet with my mom where the girl behind the desk was talking about going away to school for her Masters overseas, and mentioned that a friend went through this organization called Across The Pond. They were super nice.

Now the great thing about this organization is I was assigned a advisor whom I would talk with via email and Skype to help with the process. So i didn’t feel so alone and in the dark with the whole process.  I will post the website address under my links page.

Now Uni. of Kent was not my only choose of schools there 5 colleges I had choose and I got expected by 4 out of the 5.  After that I went to my advisor for help on choosing.  I wanted a school that had a small population, this was so I didn’t feel so lost and I wanted one with a good program that can help with my Asperger’s. 

So I gave my advisor the 4 choices I had chosen and she gave me a listing of the number of students in each and a few other details.  Than I made my decision on University of Kent, because it had a smaller number of students than the rest. So I accepted their offer and started on the rest of the process.

I contacted the Learning Disability Dept. and told them my history and soon I was called by my advisor. It was a great experience, because once a week he would Skype me before I left to help me with anything I needed help with finance, time and just acceptance (accepting the realization I was there).

The Trip there

As time got closer I got more and more excited.  This was it I was going to spend a year away from my friends and family.   When it was a week before, I the excitement went away and I started thinking “What am I doing, am I ready for this?”  But everyone I talked to was like “It’s a learning experience”, “The year will go fast”, “Just enjoy it”. These were some of the things my family were telling me.

As time got closer I started to working with Across the Pond to get everything I need. The Acceptance letter, the letter from accommodations, my visa and passport and than I than I need to make certain arrangements through the school site like to get me a seat on the bus that takes us to campus.  Once I gotten all that I submitted it to Across the Pond and to let them know I was on my way

Once I got my plane ticket, everything began to feel more real, that’s when anxiety began to kick in. The one thing I keep telling myself is “Feelings will feel better once I am on the plane and arrive.” 

Once I got on the plane, I began to relax a little bit more.  I think at that point I knew I was at the point of no return and I had to endure the 8hr flight to London where I would catch the bus to Canterbury. 

Now between Sept 2014 and Nov 2015, it was a balancing act. To where I need to learn how to get my studies in, get good sleep, go to class, and have a some what of a social life.