My Travels

Bunnies of Canterbury

My travels took me all over Europe, but didn’t start till I was going abroad for school.  This was a major experience for me, thus I threw myself outside my comfort zone to see if I can handle it.   You can read all about that from my page on College Life.

Through my travels I have so many beautiful things.  But this was not my first time traveling. My first time alone, no friends and no family. 

The last time I traveled this Major was when I turned 30 and me and my best friend decided to do a European vacation.  We always talked about going to England and when the time came we were set.

Now through my years I have visited many states:  Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida (many times), California, Colorado, Minnesota.  Many of these were either family vacations or trips with friends.  There are so many other states I would love to see like (Washington, Washington D.C, the Carolina’s, New York). and Other countries I would like to see as well (More of Greece and Spain, spend more time in London, Tokyo, Israel). My list can go on and on.

I traveled from September 14, 2015 to November 22nd 2015

This was just after I handed in my Thesis and got all my stuff shipped out and room cleaned up ready for the next person.  I had all my travel plans finalized through my travel agent and was ready to take a cab to the airport to my first destination.  This was the first leg of my trip.  Man was I nervous, but all my friends kept telling your going to enjoy yourself. 

The only pain was lugging my suitcase from place to place.   The only other thing I has to endure during my travels was when I was in tour group in Ireland. Since we stayed in a hostel I had to get used to sleeping with other people and the noise around me sharing a washroom.

The 5 day tour of southern Ireland kicked off my travels. From there I went to Spain, than to Italy from there over to Greece than to Germany, than to France and back to England to check out three other cities.