The Ireland tour was a 5 day southern tour of Ireland.  Where went went from Dublin to Galway and than took a ferry over to Inis Mór,  where spent the day touring around the island.  This is where I realized I been riding a bicycle all wrong.  

a bunch of us took a bicycle tour of the Island and since I hadn’t ridden a bike in a long time, I was falling behind. This is where I came across a older couple from our tour group who showed me how to use the gears on a bike.  Boy did I feel foolish, but well informed. 

Ireland was a one of the most awesome trips I have ever taken, the people I had traveled with were awesome and from all over.  There were those from the US and a few from Australia.  We all got on so well with each other. 

But the grass was green no matter where we went, the castles and view were so fabulous, the hard part was, what was I going to take pictures of.  I tried to get a little of everything.   

The Irish were one of the nicest people you will every meet. The landscape was beautiful, green grass every where, old brick walls and sheep. I didn’t have much time to spend in Dublin as the tour took us from Dublin to Galway