Just a little background of my visit. .The hotel was this beautiful hotel with marble floors and a rooftop bar, with gorgeous views of the Acropolis. I remember one night I went up to the bar area and got myself a cup of ouzo with ice in it. I used to that to help me unwind and relax at the end of the night.

Athens was so awe inspiring. Just like Rome. But for me, it was amazing. I love reading about the Greek Gods, like Zeus. So climbing up the mountain to see the Acropolis was amazing and scary, seeing I have a huge fear of heights. Going up the mountain was pretty easy, because there were streets and sidewalks till I got the the ticket booth to enter. But once I got up to the plateau I turned to see the city below me and my knees began to shake, but I knew this so was a once in a lifetime shot, not sure when I will be back there, so I paid for my ticket and went up to thetop.

It was so beautiful. and breath taking to see the Parthenon and the remains of Zeus temple and Propylaia, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.

Now I was on my own. And I was getting hungry and when I got back down from the mountain I found this restaurant and the owners wife sat me with another couple and they were from Israel and I been friends with them on Facebook since than.

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I am not perfect as you may think.

To give you a example to show you what I mean let me give you a little story. When I was in Greece. I had a walking tour which I missed due to timing. So I emailed the company she was like let me see what I can do.

I was not panicked, I was just waiting so after a few I got a email back that said Greece must love you, because the tour guide decied to give me a personal tour. Which was fantasitc. Now on my way to meet her with one our couple I managed in my haste as I am looking down on my phone to follow directions I managed to trample over a young child. I was lucky the father was understanding and said “It’s ok” Because I kept apologizing to him.

But that’s a quick little story that shows you no one is not even perfect.

Here are some of the tasty things I ate in Greece