Barcelona, Spain

After my 5 day Celtic Rocker tour of Southern Ireland, I flew out and headed out by myself to Barcelona, Spain. I have always wanted to see Barcelona because of all some the travel shows I have seen on TV.

Barcelona, did not disappoint me, it was so beautiful and colorful. I took a bus tour of the North and South of Barcelona. Let me tell I learned so much like there are more motorbikes than people in Barcelona.

One the few things Idid, when I was there was take whats called a Devour Tour. This a food tour. The tour I took was a 3.5 hour walking tour. It was the Graica Neighborhood Tour. They took you off the beaten path and took you to family owned places. Time flies, because you are stopping at differnet places and eating. Like we stopped at a Tapas place learned how to make Tapas.

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Below is a stop STOP-BY-STOP of where we went.

Start your morning off with the neighborhood’s best hot chocolate and the homemade local pastry we dip inside! Visit a family run deli that specializes in Spain’s greatest delicacy—jamón! Watch as it’s sliced right before your eyes by a master carver! You’ll enjoy melt-in-your-mouth Iberian ham here. Get a glimpse of daily life in an off-the-beaten-track local market, where you’ll learn about Spain’s traditional market culture and visit two market stalls to sample local cheeses and olives. Now time for another snack– a bubbly glass of cava and a traditional Catalan sandwich at a family-run Gracia café, where you’ll learn all about champagne’s long-lost cousin. Next up it’s time to practice the art of the Spanish aperitif at a family-run bodega with a glass of vermouth. This stop wouldn’t be complete with a few favorite bar snacks, so you’ll also taste locally cured Spanish sausage, and homemade chips. Now it’s time to visit a traditional local shop specializing in home-cooked Spanish food! You’ll taste a roasted vegetable salad called escalivada and a hearty meatball and chickpea stew. Last but not least, it’s time to end on a sweet note! You’ll visit one of the few remaining family-run pastry shops, where you’ll enjoy coffee or tea, and a Catalan pastry created almost a century ago!