For my undergrad I deiced it would be easier for me to get my degree online. No stress, easy for me to concentrate.  So I signed up for Colorado Technical University Online.  

Now don’t get me wrong, it still wasn’t easy, but I had my family to back help me with school work, but 90% of the work I did myself.  I did get some help with classes.

Do not let the fact that I went online for my degree make you think it was easy. It was far from easy.  Some of the things you have to remember are you need more focus, because there are more distractions, you are also at the mercy of what time the classes are. For example I had one class that was at 8AM and another was at 4PM. 

Another thing to remember is that you need a quiet place to listen to the live class. Now if you couldn’t make the classes don’t worry, they are all recorded for you to listen too.

Now going online is not for everyone.  It take dedication, good amounts of concentration.  Because whats to stop you from opening up a browser window and surfing the web or playing a game. 

Now I am not usually the one to ask questions in class. But that is just me. I highly advise online or in person that you ask question if you don’t understand what the professor is explaining. Also in person one important tip I can give you is sit in front this will keep you from falling asleep if you have a early class.