Rome, Italy

For me, Italy was much different than Spain or Ireland. This is because Rome has a lot of antiquities. Stuff that dated back long ago.

But it was interesting to see old and new. I learned from my tour guide, that when they discover something from digging, everything from that point on takes for ever. This is because the Archeologist want to catalogue everything and the engineers want to resume their progress.

Rome, was so amazing. Starting from Spain, so I was on my own. No tours, so I had booked walking trips like seeing the Colosseum and seeing all the amazing buildings and fountains. The only disappointment was the Trevi fountain, it was being cleaned when my tour visited it.

We saw the forum, the Pantheon, the Trevi and Four Rivers Fountain and much more.

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Now to show you how imperfect I am. I did a walking tour and had tour of the Vatican. Well when my walking tour ended, I was across town at the Coliseum and there was no way I would make it back. So I missed out on it.