Paris, France

Paris wasn’t anything new to me, this is because on my 30th birthday I went with my good friend and spent a week there. That was a nightmare all too itself. We had problems with the hotel and some guy posing as a cabbie took us to the wrong hotel and asked for what we had in English pounds.

This time, I was on my own and staying in a hostel. This was one of the worst hostels I have stayed at during my six week travels. This is because my room was as simple as it comes. No washroom just a sink and a towel rack. The washrooms were down the hall and so was the shower. I was so unhappy about that.

What I did enjoy was my time walking around the Louvre. The time to get in was long, but well worth it. I walked all over the Louvre and saw so many beautiful things.

Funny story, while walking around I met a guy who lives in the area I used to live. Small world.

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The only downside to the Lourve was that the room with the Mona Lisa was packed and you could not get close it to take a picture of it.