Unlocking Your Career Path: An ADHD Career Coach’s Keys to Job Search Success

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Shell Mendelson, an experienced ADHD career coach, brings over 35 years of expertise in career coaching and counseling to the table. With a master’s degree in vocational rehabilitation counseling and training under the renowned author Reid Miles, Shell has guided and impacted the lives of over 1500 clients. Her passion lies in helping individuals navigate career transitions, aligning their skills with personal aspirations and work environment preferences. Through her interactive and instructional masterclass, she empowers individuals to gain clarity on their career direction and take confident steps towards their goals. Shell’s profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with ADHD in the workplace makes her an invaluable resource for those seeking effective career guidance and job search strategies.

Reid reconnected with Shell Mendelson, an experienced ADHD career coach, during this episode. Shel’s journey began with a master’s degree in vocational rehabilitation counseling and guidance from Richard Bowles, the author of “What Color is Your Parachute?” She has positively impacted around 200 clients through her “Your Next Career Move Masterclass,” which combines instruction, interaction, coaching, and support. Shel emphasized the importance of honing in on one’s career direction, aligning personal values with job choices, and seeking the necessary training for specific roles. Her insights revealed the significance of clarity, confidence, and assertiveness in the job search process, highlighting the need to become a “job developer” rather than a “job beggar.” Shel’s engaging narrative and practical advice resonated with Reid and the audience, providing valuable strategies for navigating the challenges of job searching with ADHD.,In this episode, Reid engaged with Shel Mendelson, a seasoned ADHD career coach, whose career counseling background and training under “What Color is Your Parachute?” author, Richard Bowles, has shaped her expertise. Shel’s extensive experience, spanning over 35 years and impacting around 200 clients through her “Your Next Career Move Masterclass,” underscores her commitment to empowering individuals in their job search journey. Her emphasis on aligning personal values with career choices, seeking specialized training, and fostering clarity and confidence resonated with Reid and the audience, offering valuable insights into navigating job searching with ADHD. Shel’s unique approach, advocating for individuals to become “job developers” rather than “job beggars,” struck a chord with listeners, providing practical strategies for success in the competitive job market.

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