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Dealing with Bullies and Healthy Eating

Dealing with Bullies and Healthy Eating In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio I talk with Jimmy Clare of Crazy Fitness Guy Podcast. We talk about how he dealt with being bullies and what got him into eating right. We talk about he is doing in college and how he deals with his Autsim. We find out when he was diagnosed and how he says it was grade 3 and his mom says it was grade 3.  We talk…

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Help with DiStRaCtIoNs

Help with DiStRaCtIoNs Do you have ASD or ADHD or both? Do you need help fighting distractions and keeping yourself on schedule, and keeping you away from all those distractions.  Well my next guest from all the way down under Jeremy Nagel has developed an app called which does all that. In this show we talk about his life, how he went from one relationship to another and not being understood, till he met his wife, we also talk…

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Affordable Living

Affordable Living Hello, Are you someone who has a disability and living at home or on your own. but cant find a community of like mined people. Well my next guest Paula Manion and her husband did just that. She saw a need for those who have a disability who needed affordable living space and wanted to be part of a community and created Our Stomping Ground. Our Stomping Ground right now is the Virgina \ DC area and offers…

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Surrounded by ADHD

Surrounded by ADHD Hello, Do you have ADHD and or knows someone who does, and do you live you Israel. Well my next guest is a ADHD specialist and helps those who have ADHD.  My next guest is Avigail Gimpel is a mother of six all of which have ADHD of some degree, not only that she also works with kids who have ADHD and even ASD as well.  She has also written a book called HyperHealing: The Empowered Parent’s…

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Dr Temple Grandin

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Dr. Temple Grandin about her life and about Autism. She talks about her books and the differnet mind sets there are. We discuss where society has failed us as Autistics and much more. …

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Where School Systems Dropped the Ball on Neurodiversity & More

Dr. Kristen Ecclecston

Where School Systems Dropped the Ball with Neurodivergant Children   Hello and Welcome to the 12 episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. In this Episode I talk to Dr. Kristen Eccleston on Neurodiversity and Education. In this very important episode we learn where the school systems have dropped the ball and how we can fix this in years to come.  We talk about how mixed learning can be either be good or bad for those of us who are neurodiverse…

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Stories: Role Reversal

Reid in England

Role Reversal with Patty Hello and welcome to one of the more interesting shows. In this was an emotional episode. My good friend Patty will ask me the questions, and it gets very emotional. I talk about how my life coach has been a huge inspiration to me along with my family. The reason I get emotional is becasue not many people besides my family have said this me.  You learn that not only do I have ASD but I…

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ADHD and Successful with Rob Krecak

In this Episode, I talk with Rob Krecak of Humans first. Rob is what you a very successful guy with has started up many different business from Health clubs to Ufixit to know his Humans first. We discuss how he manages his ADHD while running his business in regular life. We talk about those who have ADHD have “Ferrari Engine with Bicycle Breaks” Dr. Ned Hallowell Where need to learn how to apply the breaks and slow down. We talk…

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Inside the Mind of a Indie Game Developer

Hello and welcome back to an other episode of Stories. Have you played a video game and fallen in love with the story of the game or wanted to make you own video game, but you had ADHD and thought it would be too hard. Well my next guest did just that. Cris Robson is a Indie game developer who has ADHD and is in the midst of developing his own game despite his ADHD. We talk the challenges you…

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Itchy Brain with Jill and Adam Laudati

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Inside the Aspergers Studio. Do you know what ADHD is, ADHD stands for (Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder) Do you have ADHD or know someone who has ADHD and is feeling the negative stigma of it. Well my guest Jill and her Husband Adam and her 2 kids have made it a mission to show that there is a positive side to ADHD that people pass-over. Jill and her husband Adam have written…

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