Sliding Scale Model Enables Flexible Neurodiversity Services

“You’re Not Alone”

In a world where neurodiversity is often misunderstood, Danielle Sullivan’s journey took an unexpected turn. From a late autism diagnosis to becoming a beacon of support for neurodivergent individuals, her story is one of resilience and empowerment. But the real twist? It’s how she’s changing the narrative around neurodiversity, and the impact it’s having on those seeking understanding and acceptance. Want to know how she’s doing it? Stay tuned for the inspiring

I think the most common things people come in with are just the ‘I’ve just got identified and I’m freaking out’ kind of feeling, which is pretty normal. – Danielle Sullivan

Danielle Sullivan, the host of the Neurodivergent podcast and a neurodivergent coach, shared her journey and how it all began. After being late-identified as autistic in 2020, Danielle felt the need to connect with individuals who shared similar experiences. This led her to start the podcast, aiming to create a supportive community for those navigating neurodivergent paths. As the podcast gained traction, Danielle’s inbox filled with queries from listeners seeking guidance. Simultaneously, her own journey as a parent to neurodivergent children fueled her desire to better support them. The experience of feeling adrift in understanding how to best assist her children prompted Danielle’s venture into coaching. Her approach is rooted in the belief that neurodiversity is not a flaw but a unique and valuable aspect of humanity. Through her coaching practice, Danielle seeks to help individuals embrace their neurodivergent identities and navigate the world with confidence and pride.,Danielle Sullivan, the driving force behind the Neurodivergent podcast and a respected neurodivergent coach, embarked on her journey following her late autism diagnosis in 2020. Struggling to find relatable resources, Danielle launched her podcast to connect with like-minded individuals. The overwhelming response from her audience, coupled with the challenges of supporting her own neurodivergent children, sparked her transition into coaching. Danielle’s approach centers on embracing neurodiversity as a natural and vital aspect of human variation. She passionately advocates for a paradigm shift that celebrates diverse cognitive styles and challenges societal misconceptions about neurodivergent traits. Through her coaching practice, Danielle endeavors to empower individuals to embrace their neurodivergent identities with confidence and self-assurance, fostering a positive and affirming environment for growth and self-discovery.

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Sliding Scale Model Enables Flexible Neurodiversity Services