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Effective Communication and Self-Expression: Elad “Al” Pines’ Advice for Navigating Social Interactions

Support the show via my Patreon Elad “Al” Pines is no stranger to adversity and change. Born in Israel, his formative years included relocation to the United States, coping with bullying, and a late-stage diagnosis of Asperger’s and other cognitive nuances. These circumstances have honed Al’s unique perspective towards accepting and overcoming life’s challenges. As he continued to push against the odds, Al’s journey led him to explore different spiritualities and engage in continuous self-growth, which uniquely equipped him…

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Stories – Jessie May Wolfe: Finding Courage and Connection Through the Heart

Heart-centered entrepreneur Jessie May Wolfe journeys from fashion design to coaching, discovering the power of heart intelligence along the way, and now inspires and uplifts others with her HeartRise Movement. My special guest is Jessie May Wolfe Introducing Jessie May Wolfe, an inspiring entrepreneur with a diverse background in creative industries. From her early days in documentary filmmaking and photography to her experience as a clothing line founder, Jessie May has always been guided by her adventurous spirit and passion…

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Unlocking Executive Functioning Secrets with Dr. Bibi Priyesh

Meet Bibi Priyesh, a skilled educational therapist and learning specialist devoted to aiding individuals with diverse learning needs. Operating out of West Los Angeles, Bibi works with students ranging from first grade to college, offering personalized remediation and championing a more comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity. With an education that spans three countries, Bibi brings a distinctive understanding of different educational systems and their teaching methods. Focusing on executive functioning, she guides parents and teachers in recognizing executive function difficulties and…

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Friendship and Dating.

Help with Friendship and Dating Hello, Are you on the spectrum and having trouble finding friends or keeping a relationship long enough to be happy. Well my next guest Jeremy and Ilana are Friendship and Dating coaches who have helped thousands find friends or find that certain someone and maintain a solid relationship. We talk about what they think the problem is with those of us on the spectrum when it comes making friends. Jeremy talks about the 3 things…

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