Unlocking Executive Functioning Secrets with Dr. Bibi Priyesh

Meet Bibi Priyesh, a skilled educational therapist and learning specialist devoted to aiding individuals with diverse learning needs. Operating out of West Los Angeles, Bibi works with students ranging from first grade to college, offering personalized remediation and championing a more comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity. With an education that spans three countries, Bibi brings a distinctive understanding of different educational systems and their teaching methods. Focusing on executive functioning, she guides parents and teachers in recognizing executive function difficulties and provides advice on how to effectively support children experiencing these challenges.

We’re always evolving and building our executive function abilities. – Bibi Priyesh

  • Seek educational therapy or support for children with learning disabilities or executive function difficulties.
  • Advocate for neurodiversity and inclusive education systems in schools and communities.
  • Trust your gut feeling and consider getting your child tested and evaluated for possible learning disabilities or executive function disorders.
  • Implement strict structure and routine for children with executive function difficulties, including regular check-ins and planning sessions.
  • Foster understanding and patience within the family, recognizing that executive function difficulties are a disability and require appropriate support systems.
  • Research and explore resources available in your country or region for supporting neurodiverse learners.
  • Collaborate with educators and specialists to develop strategies and coping mechanisms for children struggling with executive function difficulties.

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Unlocking Executive Functioning Secrets with Dr. Bibi Priyesh