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Hacking Your Brain for Productivity: An Executive Function Coach Shares Her Secrets

Support the show via my Patreon Hey there, struggling with time management, organization, and memory issues? Ever been told to just try harder or get more organized only to feel the frustration and overwhelm of not getting the results you need? It’s time to break free from the cycle of ineffective advice and find real support for your executive function difficulties. Let’s explore a better way to improve your time management, productivity, and emotional well-being. Sound familiar? Michelle Raz…

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Inside the Mind of an Executive Function Coach: Chris Fugelsang

Chris Fugelsang is an experienced New York-based executive function coach who has dedicated his career to helping students with ADHD and ASD reach their full potential. With over 18 years of teaching experience in public, private, and international schools, Chris truly understands the unique challenges faced by students with learning differences. He specializes in teaching life skills, study techniques, and self-advocacy, empowering students to navigate the complex world of academia with confidence. Having taught in various countries like Japan, Chris…

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Unlocking Executive Functioning Secrets with Dr. Bibi Priyesh

Meet Bibi Priyesh, a skilled educational therapist and learning specialist devoted to aiding individuals with diverse learning needs. Operating out of West Los Angeles, Bibi works with students ranging from first grade to college, offering personalized remediation and championing a more comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity. With an education that spans three countries, Bibi brings a distinctive understanding of different educational systems and their teaching methods. Focusing on executive functioning, she guides parents and teachers in recognizing executive function difficulties and…

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