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Stories: A Chat with Life Coach Pol Klein

A Chat with Pol Klein In this episode of Stories, I have a chat with new ASD Life Coach Pol Klein. I talk to about how he got into coaching. I ask him questions like where does he see the world in 5 years from now to what his favorite subject was in school.  Also in this episode at the very end I try something new, I do a word association with him and see what words pop into his…

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Neurodivergent or Neurodistinct

Which do you prefer Neurodivergent or Neurodistinct In this this Episode I talk with Tim Goldstein.  Tim is not your ordinary person, Tim was diagnosed with ASD late in life which has helped answer a lot of questions.  Tim has even gone to vocal coach to help him lower his voice. In this episode Tim also talks about why the term Neurodivergent is almost a negative word when we could be using something that sounds better like Neurodistinct Tim has…

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Living with ASD

Living with Autism In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Ryan Litchfield.  He is a PCM Admistrative Assistant and also someone who likes to help those who have ASD as well. In this epiosde Ryan talks about what it was like being diagnosed with ASD and where he sees his life headed and what he would like to do with is life. This turned out to be a very interesting episode.  …

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Where School Systems Dropped the Ball on Neurodiversity & More

Dr. Kristen Ecclecston

Where School Systems Dropped the Ball with Neurodivergant Children   Hello and Welcome to the 12 episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. In this Episode I talk to Dr. Kristen Eccleston on Neurodiversity and Education. In this very important episode we learn where the school systems have dropped the ball and how we can fix this in years to come.  We talk about how mixed learning can be either be good or bad for those of us who are neurodiverse…

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Stories: Role Reversal

Reid in England

Role Reversal with Patty Hello and welcome to one of the more interesting shows. In this was an emotional episode. My good friend Patty will ask me the questions, and it gets very emotional. I talk about how my life coach has been a huge inspiration to me along with my family. The reason I get emotional is becasue not many people besides my family have said this me.  You learn that not only do I have ASD but I…

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ADHD and Successful with Rob Krecak

In this Episode, I talk with Rob Krecak of Humans first. Rob is what you a very successful guy with has started up many different business from Health clubs to Ufixit to know his Humans first. We discuss how he manages his ADHD while running his business in regular life. We talk about those who have ADHD have “Ferrari Engine with Bicycle Breaks” Dr. Ned Hallowell Where need to learn how to apply the breaks and slow down. We talk…

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Autism and Media

Welcome to another episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. Today I am talking with Danielle Sullivan, an Autism mom and having Autism herself. In todays show we talk about about Autism in Media and the way the media has portrayed those of us who are Autistic. We talk about about TV and movies. We talk about how we think the movie Rainman has only showed one side of the spectrum and how it has tainted the view on Autism, we…

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Autism and Employment

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Lara Sweeny about Autism and Employment. I get to know her and when she was diagnosed. She calles herself a INTJ. We tackle some of the hardest questions when it comes to employment. I ask her why she thinks why those of us have a hard finding work.  We also tackle rejection and keeping jobs. I talk about how we can make the job hunt easier.  One of the…

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Autism with a side of Sushi. W/ Kuri Yasuno

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, I talk with Kuri Yasuno about rasing her son who is on the spectrum. We will talk about her book Autims with a side of Autism and find out what it’s like raising a son who is on the spectrum and what made her want to write a book about it. Kuris Background: Kuri is a immigrant from Japan at five years old, Kuri Yasuno arrived on Long Island, NY with her…

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Dealing with Depression

DISCLAIMER: Me and Toni are not medical professionals. If you are someone who is dealing with severe depression please pick up the phone and call a doctor or a medical professional at once.…

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