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Unlocking the Secrets of PDA with Donna Henderson

Donna Henderson, a licensed psychologist working with autistic people who have been misunderstood their whole lives, must create an equal and respectful relationship to quell their strong drive for autonomy, an otherwise overwhelming need that leads to exhausting meltdowns and obsessive behavior.   “PDA is so much more than just avoiding demands. So let’s start by renaming it. So I love Tomlin Wilding’s reimagination of PDA as pervasive drive for autonomy. Because that’s really what this is. These people are…

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Autism and Media

Welcome to another episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. Today I am talking with Danielle Sullivan, an Autism mom and having Autism herself. In todays show we talk about about Autism in Media and the way the media has portrayed those of us who are Autistic. We talk about about TV and movies. We talk about how we think the movie Rainman has only showed one side of the spectrum and how it has tainted the view on Autism, we…

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