Sliding Scale Model Enables Flexible Neurodiversity Services

“You’re Not Alone” In a world where neurodiversity is often misunderstood, Danielle Sullivan’s journey took an unexpected turn. From a late autism diagnosis to becoming a beacon of support for neurodivergent individuals, her story is one of resilience and empowerment. But the real twist? It’s how she’s changing the narrative around neurodiversity, and the impact it’s having on those seeking understanding and acceptance. Want to know how she’s doing it? Stay tuned for the inspiring I think the most common…

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Autism and Media

Welcome to another episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. Today I am talking with Danielle Sullivan, an Autism mom and having Autism herself. In todays show we talk about about Autism in Media and the way the media has portrayed those of us who are Autistic. We talk about about TV and movies. We talk about how we think the movie Rainman has only showed one side of the spectrum and how it has tainted the view on Autism, we…

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