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Dr Temple Grandin

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Dr. Temple Grandin about her life and about Autism. She talks about her books and the differnet mind sets there are. We discuss where society has failed us as Autistics and much more. …

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On the 3rd part of the Relationships and Autism series I talk with Christina Lindea all the way from Dubai about Intimacy and Autism. We answer questions such as how to know the difference between sex and intimacy, how to read your partner to know if they want to get more intimate, is intimacy important in a relationship and much more. Due to her concerns this episode will only be podcast from. So you can only find it here. You…

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Hello Aspies, On 4th and final episode of Aspies After Dark, I talk with Nicola Falzon about the wellness clinic she works at. We talk about her clients who are on the autism spectrum and how do with her dating program she has devised up. She talks about the program and its success. We talk about about Autism in Malta and how its accepted. here are her links to the clinic Willingness (Family – Sex – Health) Facebook InstagramLinkedIN  …

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Aspies Across the Pond

I talk with Dan Jones from The Aspie World youtube channel about all things ASD and ADHD and how he gets along in life and than we talk a little about the whole mask situationa and a talk a little polical near the end. …

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Three on the spectrum

Welcome to the very first episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. *Please excuse the audio quality as this is the first recording I have done, I didnt realize it was using the cam mic and not the actual mic. Wont happen again. On this episode, I talk with Rebecca Campol.Not only is her husband on the spectrum, she is also raising two wonderful children on the spectrum, one in high school and one in college dealing with online classes due…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories


Well I am ending the double blind study, and I feel as that I am on the drug. These are the observations I have made so many to tell me that I maybe on the new medicine. Observations: I am thinking more clearer. I am seeing things much normally. I am thinking of others before I am thinking of myself. (Ex. I had cooked dinner for my mother a month or so, and even cleaned up). I noticed when I…

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Asperger’s is a word that has a strong astigmatism. Now a days its referred to as ASD. But there are those who feel strongly against the word Aspergers or Aspie, just cause of the person who the term came from. The history of the word came from a man by the name of Hans Asperger, who was said to help the Nazis. There are those that would say, how can you choose to use the name Asperger’s if the man…

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