Aspies Across the Pond

 On this episode I talk to Daniel Jones, Youtuber, advocate for autism, fellow aspies and ADHDer. Where we talk everything ASD and ADHD and everything else in between.

We talk about how he got into Youtube and which came first the advocacy or Youtube, than we get into how he deals with the pandemic and the whole mask situation.  We share stories and he even gives me advice for a good friend of mine.

He is a great guy with lots on his plate and lots of advice to offer.

We briefly also talk a bit about Jessica McCabe of HowtoADHD

Intro Music: Upbeat Akashic Records

Outtro Music: We Live On Borrowed Time Songwriterz

Special Thanks to: J.D.


Free Autism Web-class: FREE AUTISM WEBCLASS


Instagram Best Place to Get a hold on him








Inside the Aspergers Studio
Inside the Aspergers Studio
Aspies Across the Pond

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