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Well I am ending the double blind study, and I feel as that I am on the drug. These are the observations I have made so many to tell me that I maybe on the new medicine.


  1. I am thinking more clearer. I am seeing things much normally.
  2. I am thinking of others before I am thinking of myself. (Ex. I had cooked dinner for my mother a month or so, and even cleaned up).
  3. I noticed when I am off it, I am jumpy, meaning I am not as patient, I tend to interrupt people when they are talking. Where on the medicine I have more patience.
  4. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I feel I have some what of a filter, I am stopped when I am about saying something wrong, and get this feeling in my chest like maybe I shouldn’t say it, because it might upset that person.

I am also doing things and sticking with it. For example I started meditating again using Headspace and I find it helps going through the day and sleep with clear head. I still have problems sleeping but I am working on that as well.

It will be interesting to see when I go on the actual medicine to see if I am right. That I am actually on the medicine and not the sugar pill.

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