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It’s no clue that pets play a important role in everyone’s lives. But more so to those of us who have ASD. If you a dog lover, or cat lover or a lover of mice or rats or hamsters or gerbils. There is one thing that pets give us which is unconditional love.

But for those of us on spectrum they teach us a few things. For those of you who are very much antisocial and introverts a pet, can teach you about friendship. Your pet won’t judge you, but will love you.

One of the great thing a pet is great for is, sensor support. When you dog lays his/her head in your lap or your cat sleeps in your lap, its can be such a calming feeling that help reassure you that everything is going to be ok.

What kind of pet do you have? I have a dog.

Tell me how your pet helps you.

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