This may be hard to take as advice. But you can’t go and let your diagnoses define you as a person. So the reports come back and tell you that you have ASD, but you had these issue before the diagnoses.

You are who you are. We are all unique, different people, who walk the same path but with different strides. But we are the originals not copies of one another. Never let anything or anyone define your character.

Have you ever heard someone tell you don’t use your disability as a cruch and not sure what they mean. Let me tell you what they mean. I have had people tell me this long enough.

What they are referring to is don’t keep using the fact that you have ASD as a excuse to stop from doing something you always wanted to do, or don’t use it as a excuse for how you act. Yes I know it’s part of the disability, but we have some control of what we say, we just don’t know how to filter it.

So if your in a situation and you want to say something, and not sure how it sounds. Try this exercise: Step back in your mind, and think, how would the other person react to what your about to say. If they would take offenses to it, err to the side of caution. I can tell the times I have said something and I offend someone. Now a days I am being very cautious.

DON’T let your disability stop you from doing things you love. If you wanted to go to school, do it, if you wanted to see a concert do it, if you wanted to travel do it.

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