Life may be difficult, and there will be plenty of stress. But never give up. If you go away to college, and in the beginning things may seem new and different. Try to look at things from different perspectives. Think to yourself “I can do this” and you will be amazed on what you can accomplish.

Remember never to think of yourself as a failure, if you bail out. My mother always told all of us “Nothing is written in stone“. What she means, is nothing is permanent. A good example is,if your just starting a course and you realize a few days in that its over your head, change that course before you have to pay a fee or try to plow through it and learn something new. Now if its way over your head, just bow out and change course.

Now if you are not happy with your major, don’t be afraid to change that too. For me it was too late, I tried to plow through and learn and I did struggle, but I came out OK. Didn’t get a Masters but wound up with a Post Grad Certificate. It’s the same as a Master minus a few credits.

What I can tell you, the classes you enjoy you are going to remember and the ones you can’t stand, you will forget. But its the memories you will cherish forever.

Just remember Never Give Up the fight.

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