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Stories – Jessie May Wolfe: Finding Courage and Connection Through the Heart

Heart-centered entrepreneur Jessie May Wolfe journeys from fashion design to coaching, discovering the power of heart intelligence along the way, and now inspires and uplifts others with her HeartRise Movement. My special guest is Jessie May Wolfe Introducing Jessie May Wolfe, an inspiring entrepreneur with a diverse background in creative industries. From her early days in documentary filmmaking and photography to her experience as a clothing line founder, Jessie May has always been guided by her adventurous spirit and passion…

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The darker side of Autism

The Darker side of Autism with JD In this Halloween Edition of the show I talk with my good friend Jose who is also autistic and we talk about his issues with Autism everything from losing his job to losing his scholarship. We talk about the ups and downs of Autism and what parents can do if thier child has Autism. This is also a short episode but very informitive. Sit back, Relax and Grab you Favorite Beverage and have…

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Neurodivergent or Neurodistinct

Which do you prefer Neurodivergent or Neurodistinct In this this Episode I talk with Tim Goldstein.  Tim is not your ordinary person, Tim was diagnosed with ASD late in life which has helped answer a lot of questions.  Tim has even gone to vocal coach to help him lower his voice. In this episode Tim also talks about why the term Neurodivergent is almost a negative word when we could be using something that sounds better like Neurodistinct Tim has…

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Living with ASD

Living with Autism In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Ryan Litchfield.  He is a PCM Admistrative Assistant and also someone who likes to help those who have ASD as well. In this epiosde Ryan talks about what it was like being diagnosed with ASD and where he sees his life headed and what he would like to do with is life. This turned out to be a very interesting episode.  …

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Stories: Catherine (Living with 3 on the Spectrum)

Hello. First let me say welcome to 2022. On first show of this year I talk with Catherine. She is a friend of mine who is living with not one but three people on the ADHD spectrum. Catherine is the the type of person who can light up a room with her smile. Through out the show, a smile has never left her face.  She is always so cheerful and upbeat.  She is a amaing women with so much to…

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Stories: Streamer Edition

Hello, On this edition of Stories, I will be talking with Callie Gade. You might know her from a little YouTube series called King of Random with her co-host Nate and the late Grant Thompson. Not only is she streaming now, but she has been going for her pyro-technician Licenses. When you have gotten to know Callie as I have through watching her stream, you will see she has an amazing personality and a smile to match that personality.  When…

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Stories: A chat with Evan Atley

Have you ever thought you were in the wrong body, and wanted a change.  Well my next guest Evan felt that way. Evan knew early on that he was in the wrong body so he decied to chnage from a female to male which makes him a transgendered male not only that, he is also on the spectrum. In this episode we get to know him on a deeper level. We find out he wanted to be a EMT, and…

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STORIES: Frank King (Writer, Sucide Prevention Speaker, Comedian)

In today’s show, I sit down and have a chat with one funny guy, Frank King. We talk about how he got to where he is today, talking about trying to help those who feel their lives aren’t worth a lot.  He gives us a peak into his life and how knew he was destined to be a comedian, started when he was in grammar school. He also talks about how he plan to build himself up again to get…

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Personal Stories


Reid in England

Hello Everyone. I know I touched on this, in the about me section. But I didn’t discuss the troubles I had during my times when I volunteered. The problems is not many companies these days wanted to spend money in training their companies in how to deal with employees with disabilities, well because of that reason I was a casualty of the system. Every where I volunteered, it was the same story in life. No one wants to deal with…

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