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Everyone has anxity one way or another.  It just manifest in differnet ways.  I know for an example, that I have anxiety.  I get nervous when flying and I start to sweat.  But once I get on the plane and put my bags away and sit down I feel more relaxed.  I also get performance anxiety and I know two good examples.

The first time I had a bit of a anxiety attack was when I was supposed to get up in front of my class in a mini seminar and talk about my dissertation.  I remember the symptoms: many hands were cold and clamy and I was sweating and nervous.  But the minute I finished my presentation all those symptoms gone away. 

The next one was something that I start getting while trying to record my Podcast, at first I was doing fine and going through it ok than all of a sudden I started feeling a tightness in my chest and I found it hard getting full paragraphs out without having to deep breaths..

It was this point I decied I need to relax and start to look at things differently.

Remember what I said early in my blog about know you body and signs.. I knew somethign was wrong, when I started feeling the tightness in my chest and I was taking more breaths.. 

This is when I started going back and listening to my medititaion on anxiety and learning to let it go and relax more.

Just remember its normal to feel a bit of anxity but listen to you body, and it will let you know what going on.


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