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How do you look at your situation? There are those of us who look at it as a blessing to a answer. This is because we wanted to know why were different then the rest of the population. Having (ASD) or Asperger’s as it was originally called meant we were different from the rest of the world.

As we look around we notice that others are doing things at a faster pace then we are doing it. But why? This is because our brains are slower to process the information and it takes longer for us to soak in that information and go about our ways.

Than there are those on the other side of the issue. That don’t want to be different, want to be like everyone else and not stand out. These are those that look at what we are diagnosed with as a curse. They feel the term disorder or disability is demeaning to them or their kids. But in retrospect it’s not. It’s a answer to why I or my child different then everyone else.

What we have is a disorder of the brain. Therefor it things are harder on us. But if you look at it like, I don’t want to be different, but more along the lines of I want to be unique than your on the right path.

For the longest time, I have wondered why I was different, I used to always compare myself to others. Then one day it clicked. I am different, but yet the same. I just do things at a different rate.

The best way to look at it all is this, a long time ago when I was dealing with my career advisor through, she told me I need to take a negative and spin into a positive. Now take that and spin your curse into a blessing, by taking advantage of the the situation. How if your in school, use it to get extra time to study for a test, in life use it go after a dream and make it a reality. There are a lot of Aspies that have done that. The one thing that makes us great is that we have such a focused mind, that when we put our minds into something we love we do it 100%…

So don’t sit there and hate what you have, love yourself and go after your dream and never doubt that you have a talent, it’s there you just have dig deep and find it in yourself

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