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Hello everyone.  I just want to make this quick post to assure everyone out there who is reading this post is safe and well and to remind you to wash you hand anytime you come from being outside. No matter if its just throwing out the garbage or going to the store you never know where the germs are.

In this trying times, people have gone into fear mode, not knowing when this pandemic will end.  People are not thinking and hoarding toilet paper and other things.  Just remember be nice to people in this time of need you never know where the niceness will take you.

If you see someone hoarding the toilet paper, just don’t take it from them, ask politely if you can have one of their rolls if they say no, just walk away and say fine. There is no need to get into anything with them.  By doing this you will walk away the victor, you have taken the high road. People like that who hoard out of fear are not completely thinking straight.

As we sit here amidst this epidemic we need to remind ourselves, we will get through this as we did all other disasters.  Always stay in touch with your loved ones near and far as well as keep a eye on your parents and be aware of your own health as well. 

As always I am here to help if you truly need someone to talk to


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