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I have talked about this in previous post. How important pets are to those of us with Autism, but I think need to bring up some good points that will help the parents out there understand how significant pets are.

When having a pet parents don’t realize all that it can teach their child.  When you have a child who has trouble making friends and doesn’t quite understand impressionability yet having a pet can teach you those things.

Here are just a few things having a pet can help you child learn or give.

  • Responsibility  (walking and feeding)
    • Now I do walk my dog every morning, that’s every dog we have ever had. I also feed my dog a few times a day.
  • Companionship
    • (a pet gives your son or daughter a friend, someone who doesn’t judge)
  • Unconditional love
    • (this is so important, because it helps with self esteem and confidence this goes hand and hand with responsibility)
  • Their Mood
    • When your son/daughter has a pet it also helps with their mood.  When your pet puts their head in your child’s lap, its to reassure them and make them feel loved. 
  • Stress
    • Pets can also help with your child’s stress levels. With things the way they are, your kids stress levels will be high, but by petting a animal like a dog or cat or bunny, you can relieve their stress.

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