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One of the most important things you can do is to stay active. This is how you able to make time go by so much faster. Now there are several ways you can do this and no watching TV does not count.

One of the ways to stay active is to work out, either at a gym like LA Fitness or any of the other gyms out there or on your own. Another way is to get out and get some exercise. If you have a dog, take him for long walks if you can. They say to take you dog our for 25 to 30 minute walks just as it is good for you, it is good for them as well.

You can even make a game out of it. If you have a smart phone as most people do, you can track you walk, and see how many steps you do, if you have have a smart watch as I do, you can also track your pulse.

For me I like to do several things, I either play a game that makes me think or I take my dog for a walk weather permitted. I also make sure I don’t see all day.

Another game you can play along with you kid is Stardew Valley, this is a very relaxing game not a lot of stress involved and its a game you can play multiplayer now you can check it out on Steam. You can find the link to it on my links page.

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