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This is one of the biggest problems. It’s a problem everyone faces, but those on the spectrum it’s a huge issue. This is because we are outside the norm and society looks at us different. We are people and have feelings as well.

Some of the biggest fears we face are: abandonment, making friends, socializing with people, and just plain old being accepted. Maybe of those on the spectrum have to whats called “Mask” which is pretending to normal just to fit in, any where so they can be accepted.

The fear they feel can be so crippling it can lead to anxiety and depression enough to make them not want to leave their house or apartment.

You may be wondering do I have any fears. My biggest fear did happen. Which was losing one of my father in 2017. But I as time went on, I realized he is still with me in spirit. I also realize when I was in school overseas, that I am more than capable of living on my own. It will take time and adjustment. I am lucky to have a huge extended family with my sister-in laws family they all look out for me.

Some aren’t as fortunate as those of us who are high functioning, you just need to pry your families have it all taken care of. That’s why I highly suggest you reach out and you talk to your parents.

Most importantly don’t let your fear or you diagnoses control your life, You were this way before the diagnoses, you are the same after. All that is different is that there is a name to why we are the way we are.

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