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I know there are a lof of you out there who are afraid to travel. But if you become a slave to your disability you will never see the world the way it is intend to be seen.

I know the thought of traveling scares a lot of you. The fear of being around people, unaware of your own surroundings, being in a new place, with different people. But you only live once.

This is the reason I went away to school and deiced to travel after, I didn’t want to be my disability to hold me down, I wanted to explore, and every since then, I want to keep exploring.

There is so much beauty around us, we don’t see it, this is because were too afraid to leave our own home and see the world. Being in England and on my own has opened my own eyes. It made realize there is so much too see and little time to see it.

Know I am not saying go out like I did and go to Europe. You can start small. Don’t push you limits. Know what you can handle. Maybe go some where you always wanted to go outside of your town or city.

I know I have talked about traveling and given some tips but here are some tips that you will really find useful that helped me:

  • Listen to you body. If you are staring to feel anxiety or panicked. (As going some place new will always make you feel). Step back, take a deep breath and look around and let the feeling pass.
  • Take a deep breath, and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Repeat this to yourself “I can do anything
  • Enjoy the moment

No matter where you are, just enjoy yourself. Don’t let anxiety hold you back from going out and exploring the world around you

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