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No one is perfect not even me. This story is quite the example of it.

When I was in Rome. I went exploring with the notion that with my phone that I could find my back to my hotel. Boy was I wrong. I began walking around to where I found a little shop that was selling sweets and sandwiches and mini pizzas. So I figured I would stop in and eat. So walked in and ordered something to eat.

When I finished my sandwich I walked around a little more, snapping photos of the street and stuff. When I started to head back I realized I counldn’t figure out how to get back my hotel. So I remembered what one of my advisors told me “Don’t Panic.” So what I did was looked around and found a police station in the train station. There was only one person who spoke English and she was busy and it was getting late. So I saw a policemen behind a window who didn’t speak English, so I showed him the map I had and asked how to get to the street and he pointed me the way. I said thank you and went on my way.

The point to this story is twofold. One no one is perfect, anything can happen to anyone even me, and two Don’t Panic, because you will only make yourself nervous and make matters worse for yourself. So just take a deep breath and look around and ask for help. Before I found the police station I found a restaurant and the someone was able to show me as well how to get back to where I wanted to go.

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