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When we are feeling down, and worn out, we struggle with our day to day lives. We feel that we are fighting an a uphill battle. That we will never get out of this rut.  But than we get a glimmer of something in the distance.

That something is Hope. It is said that Hope was one of the two gifts we were given by the Gods.

Hope is the first gift that Aeschylus mentions.

Chorus: Did you perhaps go further than you have told us?
Prometheus – I stopped mortals from foreseeing their fate.
Chorus – What kind of cure did you discover for this sickness?
Prometheus – I established in them blind hopes.
Chorus – This is a great benefit you gave to men.

Reason and Meaning

With Hope there is a possibility we can achieve so much more.  That’s why you never give up on Hope. Because it’s all we have to keep us fighting. It’s what makes us do the best we can do, and keep going.

Life may get you down. But never give up on yourself and keep that Hope alive. Hope is with deep within everyone of us. 

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