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Stories: Behind the Scenes with Adrienne Wilkinson: From On-Set Bloopers to Current Projects

Join the vivacious Adrienne Wilkinson as she shares her extraordinary journey from dancer to actress, navigating the highs and lows of Hollywood in pursuit of her dream, and the unexpected twists and turns that have shaped her career. My special guest is Adrienne Wilkinson Adrienne Wilkinson’s illustrious career in the entertainment industry spans from her unforgettable roles in “Xena: Warrior Princess” to her ventures into voice acting and producing. Her journey is a testament to her passion for storytelling and…

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Stories: From Aspiring to Inspiring: Dave Jackson’s Guide to Making a Positive Difference with Your Podcast

In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio, podcasting expert Dave Jackson shares his insights on the impact and power of podcasting in making a positive difference. From saving lives to inspiring others, Jackson’s experiences will leave you questioning the potential of your own podcast. But what happens when your voice becomes a lifeline? Find out on the next episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. My special guest is Dave Jackson Meet Dave Jacksonson, a multi-talented dynamo with an impressive…

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Stories: Rob Walch on Turning Passion into Profession in Podcasting

Hey podcasters! Are you ready to debunk some myths about the future of podcasting? There are plenty of rumors floating around about the industry’s continued growth and diversification, but which ones hold true? Here are three common myths that you may have heard: 1) podcasting has reached its peak, 2) the market is oversaturated, and 3) video will replace audio as the dominant medium. But fear not, because our guest Rob Walch is here to share the truth and give…

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Living with ASD

Living with Autism In this episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Ryan Litchfield.  He is a PCM Admistrative Assistant and also someone who likes to help those who have ASD as well. In this epiosde Ryan talks about what it was like being diagnosed with ASD and where he sees his life headed and what he would like to do with is life. This turned out to be a very interesting episode.  …

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Dealing with Depression

DISCLAIMER: Me and Toni are not medical professionals. If you are someone who is dealing with severe depression please pick up the phone and call a doctor or a medical professional at once.…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories


Well I am ending the double blind study, and I feel as that I am on the drug. These are the observations I have made so many to tell me that I maybe on the new medicine. Observations: I am thinking more clearer. I am seeing things much normally. I am thinking of others before I am thinking of myself. (Ex. I had cooked dinner for my mother a month or so, and even cleaned up). I noticed when I…

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Life Lessons Personal Stories Tips


This is one of the biggest problems. It’s a problem everyone faces, but those on the spectrum it’s a huge issue. This is because we are outside the norm and society looks at us different. We are people and have feelings as well. Some of the biggest fears we face are: abandonment, making friends, socializing with people, and just plain old being accepted. Maybe of those on the spectrum have to whats called “Mask” which is pretending to normal just…

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Well day 3 was a short visit. What was nice one the things they offer for people partaking in the trial is a car ride to and from the trial center. It was a nice comfortable car. The driver was very nice opened the door for me, not like taking a Uber. Anyways this visit was a short one. Start with questions, vitals, playing the game on the trial phone they gave me, taking the med and blood. No ECG…

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