Well day 3 was a short visit. What was nice one the things they offer for people partaking in the trial is a car ride to and from the trial center. It was a nice comfortable car. The driver was very nice opened the door for me, not like taking a Uber.

Anyways this visit was a short one. Start with questions, vitals, playing the game on the trial phone they gave me, taking the med and blood. No ECG and only 2 vials of blood taken.

The visit only lasted an hour from 9:30am to 10:30am. I found out that the trial is world wide the company running it, is from Sweden. I also talked with the other trial doctor.

Now the visits arent weekly.. They are spread out. Next visit is in 2 weeks and will be 4hrs long with everything being done. That means since I will have an ECG done when I get there, I will have to fast in the morning and than eat there.

The visit before this was a phone interview. Now they want to know everything you take medicine wise and any reactions you have to the meds or side affects. I only had a few side affects 1 per day.

Well that was it for day 3. I will keep you posted for more to come.

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