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I know I talked about my trip and how I handled things. But there is a time I was under a bit of stress and i felt my anxiety kick but I managed it well.

I usually know when I am get stressed during a situation, I usually start to sweat and my voice trembles a bit. I became aware of the situation, I think to myself “Calm down, and relax”.

It was about 5pm and I was leaving Berlin to fly over to Paris. Only problem was, I was off by an hour and I didn’t realize this till I was on my way to airport.  Now I already have a hatred for Ryanair, because they over charge for extra bags and over weight baggage

Now I get there I rush over to the women in the ticket booth and we are going over stuff to make sure I am OK, and that I am fully checked in.  Showed her my passport, and ticket.  By the time this was done, I didn’t even have time to relax. 

As I rushed to boarding, I was lucky, there was still a line, waiting to board. Now there was to tunnel, you walk out onto the tarmac and go up either the front stairs or back depending on where you sit.

I am standing in line, nerves all buzzing, I take a deep breath and let the tension go… I think to myself “It’s over, just relax and everything will be fine”

At this point I am much more relaxed. Still a little frazzled. But much better for the plane ride over. Once I get on the plane and to my seat I am a bit more relax.. I lay back in my seat, I close my eyes and let the worries go.

This was one of my biggest worries I had, what if I missed a flight. But thank God I didn’t. Everything worked out and I made it to Paris.

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