Life Lessons Tips


One of the best ways to do this is, going to college and staying at a dorm. How this works is while you are at school. You will learn several things.

You will learn how to handle budgeting, work/play time, scheduling, and you will make ever lasting friendships. One of the things I did was something my mother told me to do, which was do not stay in your room. This way you can get to know your campus and make friends.

Some of the things I did after class were, I would go to town and just get the feel of everything. I would walk around campus. Once a week I would go to dinner by myself with my tablet and just enjoy myself. I didn’t need to be with anyone. I enjoy my alone time. You may even run into a friend and they may ask you to join them, and that happened to me once.

Now you don’t need to be with your friends all the time. Wednesdays were when I spent my time with my friends because it was my society time.

Just remember you don’t need to be with your friends all the time, there will be times you just wanna be on your own.

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