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Having Asperger’s is a uphill battle for me, but by no means is a deterrent to stop doing what I love doing.  Did I let it stop me from getting two degrees or traveling through Europe on my own, it did not.  But it made me step outside my norm and embrace the world we live in.   Never in a million years would I imagine going abroad for school or traveling though Europe on my own.  It never stopped me from making friends and trying new things.  

One of the biggest tips I can give you, form a support group while you are away.  What I mean is establish a connection with your advisors. When I was in Canterbury I had 3 advisors each with a different purpose all stemming from my International / European Disability Advisor.  This is why it is important to let them know ahead of time what your disability is, and where your troubles are.  My Advisor set me up with a Health Well Being Advisor and you will get  assigned a Academic Advisor, but he also setup me with a 6 week counselor which helped me a lot.  I was still adapting to jet lag and trying to fit in.  

Now the Health and Well Being Advisor made sure, I was eating alright and getting enough exercise and that I was getting involved in things.

The Academic Advisor who are assigned to when your first choose you program helps you with classwork and anything class wise.  You don’t really use him unless you really have questions.  I only used him at the end because I didn’t know what to do my dissertation on.

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