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Getting though life is hard, but getting through it with Asperger’s is even harder. This is because people don’t quite understand us. For me in the beginning was hard, because people didn’t know how to deal with my weirdness.

Until it came out that I had Asperger’s people though I was strange. But though time I learned it was OK to seek out help. Talking to a therapist doesn’t mean your crazy, it means need someone to help guide you.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as someone giving us some goals and we follow those goals.


A good story for this was when I was away at school in the UK, my advisor knew I needed some help so he assigned me a therapist to talk to, about things like stress, how to do deal with every day issues and so on. It helped greatly.

Just recently after I was let go, I thought it was time I talked to someone who can help figure out life, but also understands Asperger’s and knows how to point me in the right direction. As I mentioned before in a other post, its OK to get help, it will help you understand yourself and get along in life.

Life can be complicated, so it’s OK to find someone to help you Navigate it so you knows the pitfalls.

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