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My Wonderful Dog

For all of you listening to my podcast, I want to thank you. But yesterday was a huge hit to my heart as my beloved dog had passed away at 7am in the morning in bed with my mom.  Her name was Mocha and let me tell you a bit about her.

Mocha was one of the most loving dogs I have ever had, next to my Pugs Sophie and Ralph. Mocha loved to play bury her face in the snow, roll in the grass and go on walks to the park and go off leash as she walked around the park with me. She remined me of my dad so much, because she loved to eat. She loved her treats and food till the end when she got sick.  She was also very smart, she would let my mom know when she had to go out to make or when she was hungry.

One of the things she loved doing before she got sick was play with her squeeky toys and would play with it till she destroyed the squak box inside.  She loved her toys and her bones. But most of all she loved us.

When we adopted her she was 6yr old and still so much love to give.  We had got her right when my father got out of the hospital from back surgery.  She was so much fun, I grew to loving to take her to the park and let her off leash and watch her sniff all over but she also loved going with us to the zoo where they had a walk way around a man made lake where people take their dogs.  Evey new smell she would follow. But she was blessed to have us as her forever home.

When she got sick, she thought so hard till the end, knowing we loved her so much. Her last night both my mom and I gave her our blessings that she can go and be free of pain. That day was nice, she got to lay in the sun, I feed her some yogart and tiny bits of chicken.  When the night came around she was having such a tough time, by morning her body couldnt take and she passed away.

She loved our family expecially my nephews who adored her.

Mohca you will be missed, you filled a spot in everyones heart!


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