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A man is walking down the road, when he comes to a crossroad. He is uncertain which way he should take to get to where he is going. As looks down and scratches his chin, he hears a voice say “How can I help you, my child?”

The man looks up sees a elderly man with a gray beard. The man looks at the elderly man and says “I am not sure, I trying to get to end of the path, but the sure which way is best for me” the man takes a deep sigh and waits for his answer from the elderly man.

The elderly man smiles and says “My child, there are no wrong ways, both ways lead you to the same place, and both have obstacles, , it’s up to you to choose which is the wiser path” The man looked at him and smiled.

The man looked him and looked back and forth, and knew his time was running short, because the sky was getting dark. The Elderly man than said “Only you can make the decision of which to road take, no one can make the choice for you.”

As the man contemplated his decision, he went to turn to thank the elderly man for his advice, the man was gone. The man smiled and took the road he knew to be best for him.

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