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You’re not alone in this universe of ours, when you look up and see the stars. You see those stars shining down, know people from the past are guiding you on. Remember your family cares about you, they just don’t understand what your going though. They care a great deal about what you are feeling. So remeber you’re never alone. You’re not alone, when you walk down the street and stranger greets you with a smile and a simple hello.…

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Original Poem Personal


A man is walking down the road, when he comes to a crossroad. He is uncertain which way he should take to get to where he is going. As looks down and scratches his chin, he hears a voice say “How can I help you, my child?” The man looks up sees a elderly man with a gray beard. The man looks at the elderly man and says “I am not sure, I trying to get to end of the…

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