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I am going to share a story with you that only few people know. This is something that happened to me on my way back from de stressing after studying for my exams. I was pretty stressed out, I have never taken exams before, online classes were different. There was no exam, they went off you total from all your work. So I was unsure how to study. So I was stressed out. Studying for my first time and trying…

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Getting though life is hard, but getting through it with Asperger’s is even harder. This is because people don’t quite understand us. For me in the beginning was hard, because people didn’t know how to deal with my weirdness. Until it came out that I had Asperger’s people though I was strange. But though time I learned it was OK to seek out help. Talking to a therapist doesn’t mean your crazy, it means need someone to help guide you.…

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One of the most important things to remember is this: It’s not the quanity that matters, but the quality. In other words, its better to have one or two good friends, that many average friends. This is a tough one. We all want to be popular and have friends and be invited to parties. For me I only have 2 good friends. I only see one of them more than the other because of the times they are off of…

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