I am going to share a story with you that only few people know. This is something that happened to me on my way back from de stressing after studying for my exams.

I was pretty stressed out, I have never taken exams before, online classes were different. There was no exam, they went off you total from all your work. So I was unsure how to study. So I was stressed out. Studying for my first time and trying to cram and just failed miserably. So know I have to worry about studying for my exam and write my dissertation. Now fast forward to later on in the month.. I go to my Advisor and tell them I failed. I was in full panic mode.

He set me up with a great well-being advisor who gave me a study plan. Only problem I followed it all too well. All I did was Eat, Study, Sleep. No break and I was already burnt out. So I took some advice my friends have given me, study for 20mins and take a 10min break. So during that time I needed to de stress.

So now I was totally burnt out and even my friends were saying I looked like crap. So I took a long needed break. Put on my headphones and walked a nice path down to the orchard my other Well Being advisor told me about.

I am listening to my music and dancing along, I get to the end of the path at the orchard and turn around. Now as I am coming back, I reach the fitness center and I get stopped by campus security.

Now I am wondering whats wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong that I know of. So he asks the usual, for my School ID and stuff, and I hear him say to the radio, that he found me and is talking to me. He goes on saying “People were calling in saying they were worried about me, thought I was acting crazy” I laughed on the inside. I told him. Not crazy just de stressing. He said thank you and let me on my way.

Now you would think that’s the end of the story, it isn’t.. The next day I check my email and I get a letter from the dean of students, saying something the likes of, I got word from campus security that people were calling in, worried about you. Imagine my shock to hear this from the Dean. The letter went on to say, if I wanted to talk I could get a hold of his secretary and she would schedule me in.

Well I emailed him back, and said “thanks. I am glad to see people were looking out for me. I was just stressed from exams and de stressing by listening to music and dancing along.. But if you wanna help you can make it so I don’t have do my exams” He email back with sorry I can’t do that but still if you want to talk you can schedule a appointment with my secretary and will talk. I emailed him and said “thanks and I appreciate it

The point is, don’t ever think you alone. There will always be people looking out for you.

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    Leah Hartman
    August 19, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    Reid, that’s an amazing story!

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